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More than 20 years of experience in the high-security area of federal organizations, homeland security and defence have shown us that methods for developing IT security architectures must be extended with concepts for trust engineering.

We focus on digital
solutions & spatial structures

We set high standards
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We combine IT technologies
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What We Offer

Concepts and solutions for more trust and commitment in processes in the digital world

Solutions TrustKbb GmbH Security Engineering


Security engineering is a methodology of designing digital systems to perform their functions despite complex threats.

(Security by Design).

Solutions TrustKBB GmbH Trust Engineering


Trust engineering enables the strategic assurance of trust-building concepts within distributed digital systems.

(Deliberated Trust Assurance).

Solutions TrustKBB GmbH Semantic Trust


Semantic methods of artificial intelligence allow to make trust visible within digital business processes with resilient value.

(Trust Level Measurement).

Solutions TrustKbb GmbH Security Engineering


The digital problem lies not in cyber threats but in the way digital solutions are designed, developed, structurally tested for IT vulnerabilities and operated once approved.

The combination of a functionally oriented architecture design with a model-based threat assessment lays the foundation for the design of an appropriate IT security architecture. Every decision to develop an IT security architecture is based on the result of a structured, accompanying risk assessment.

Digital corporate assets and sensitive actions then become transparent and remain in the focus of the IT security strategy at all levels of the solution architecture.


While the topic of IT security (cyber security) enjoys a high level of attention in the digital world, less awareness is paid to the question of the degree of trust. There is an unspoken assumption that more IT security necessarily entails customers’ willingness to trust more in the area of digital solutions.

A major challenge of digitization is ensuring user-centric management: this means enabling the users of business processes to transfer their legal, technical, security and behavioral requirements to digital architectures and process spaces themselves.

Self-determined user expectations must not only be transferable— they must be just as verifiable, and each step of this transformation process must be trackable.

Solutions TrustKBB GmbH Trust Engineering
Solutions TrustKBB GmbH Semantic Trust


User requirements for solutions and confidence in their implementation are basic principles for the development of trust from the social world.

Semantic trust applies these basic principles to the development and application of digital business processes. AI tools form the basis for logical expectation management. A semantic transformation transfers the expectation values formulated to a digital environment, its information structures and relevant digital actors.

An overarching policy for trust assurance controls the process in order to ensure trustworthy conditions and trustworthy verification.

Our Clients

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Integrating E-file Solutions for the Processing of Sensitive Data

In cooperation with Materna, Ceyoniq and secunet, TrustKBB supports the specification and testing of an overall solution for the future processing of classified information in an e-file system. The main goal is a standardized and trustworthy interconnected system for the implementation of different security levels. Authorities are enabled to perform management tasks for both general official documents and VS with just one approved terminal device.

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