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The digital problem lies not in cyber threats but in the way digital solutions are designed, developed, structurally tested for IT vulnerabilities and operated once approved. Security engineering is a methodology of designing digital systems to perform their functions without vulnerability despite complex threats. Security engineering begins with methods for security modeling and an accompanying, model-based security assessment.

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Security by Design

Every decision to develop a security architecture is based on the result of an structured threat assessment. Digital corporate values then become transparent and remain in focus at all levels of the solution architecture.


Defining the Security Problem

Formulating a security problem as a model is the starting point for the development of a security architecture. The identification of security problems is oriented to the distribution of the assets to be protected and requires a structured methodology.

Enforcing the Security Policy

Processes are subject to a dynamic of regulatory requirements. The architecture design must therefore take into account strategic interfaces for overarching policy management. Policy descriptions formulate expected values and are the starting point for the adaptive realignment of regulated frameworks.


Defining the Security Solution

The decision to apply a security design and the application of security functions are both guided by the security goals Security modeling allows a real-time link between security goals and security design elements in order to solve security problems.

The design of security architectures involves all levels of a domain-specific, digital infrastructure. The overlaid security assessment includes concepts for actors (identities), networks (VPNs, routers, switches), components (computer nodes, storage) and structures (roles) with all their workflows and compliance requirements.

Holistic Security Design

Each segment describes a partial aspect in the holistic security design. Methodical modelling approaches form the starting point of an automatable transformation of an existing security strategy into secured, reproducible security solutions.

Holistic Security Engineering and Security Modelling

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